Lost and Stolen Checks

Welcome to the County of Los Angeles (County) official website for search and to file claims for checks (legally referred to as County "warrants") that have been issued and mailed by the County, but not cashed by the payee.  These checks include those that are outstanding and have not been cashed yet.  They also include those that may have been cashed fraudulently by someone other than the payee.

Lost or Missing Checks

Search and claim from our inventory of checks that have been issued but remain uncashed. Inventory includes claimable checks from 6 months to 5 years old.

Stolen Checks

Checks that have been fraudulently cashed may be eligible for replacement. Claims are investigated and facts verified prior to approving a replacement check.

Claim Status

Enter your Claim Number below to get detailed information about the status of your claim and its progress through the claim process.

Contact Us

If you have a questions about your claim, the claim process or any other warrant related issue please contact us by clicking below and using the online contact form.

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